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6914- General Motors Corporation’s Electro-Motive Division built the 6914 for the Southern Railway in 1953.  It is known as an E8 diesel-electric locomotive.  Passengers loved the streamlined design of this and similar locomotives which convey a sense of speed and modernity.  The 6914 hauled one of the Southern Railway’s signature trains, the Southern Crescent, between New Orleans and Washington, D.C.  The locomotive is currently under restoration back to operating condition by an all-volunteer crew.  Soon, the 6914 will once again haul passenger trains as it did many decades ago.

2594- General Motors Corporation’s Electro-Motive Division built 2594 in 1962 for the Southern Railway.  On loan from the Atlanta Chapter NRHS, it is known as a GP-30 and has over 2,000 horsepower.  The engine would have been used in tandem with other diesel-electric locomotives to haul long freight trains across the country.  Today, 2594 hauls TVRM’s excursion trains and wears the same historic Southern Railway paint scheme as when it was new.  

1824 & 1829- These diesel-electric locomotives, built by EMD in 1951 for the U.S. Army, would have switched freight cars at the Holston Army Ammunition Plant in Kingsport, Tennessee. They are GP-7 type locomotives, developing 1,500 horsepower and proving to be one of the more versatile designs of the mid-Twentieth century, hauling both freight and passengers in various settings.


8669- The American Locomotive Company (ALCO) built this RS-1 in 1945 for service in the U.S. Army. It served later with the U.S. Air Force at Eglin Air Force base when TVRM acquired it in the late 1970s. This diesel-electric locomotive is a long-time veteran of TVRM’s passenger trains hauling the Missionary Ridge Local as well as longer excursion trains. This locomotive is currently out of service in need of electrical and mechanical work before being returned to service.

3170- This locomotive was manufactured by General Motors in April, 1971 for the Southern Railway as the class unit in a series of 31 SD40 locomotives. Equipped with a 3,000 horsepower, turbocharged diesel engine, the 3170 served the Southern and later the Norfolk Southern Railway companies until retired in 2007 and placed in storage at Altoona, Pennsylvania. In 2014, the locomotive was selected for preservation, resulting in the locomotive being restored to operating condition at the Juniata Locomotive Shops in Altoona, and being repainted into its original Southern Railway "Tuxedo" paint scheme at the Chattanooga Paint Shop. Following the return to active service, the 3170 operated for the Norfolk Southern in freight service all over the system, as well as being a goodwill ambassador for NS by being used at various museum events, including assisting the 4501 on trips out of Bristol, Virginia in 2015. In May, 2016, it was announced that the locomotive would be donated to TVRM, where upon its arrival, was placed into freight service at the Enterprise South Industrial Park. The locomotive operated until the beginning of 2017 when mechanical issues resulted in the locomotive being removed from service. Until repairs needed to return the locomotive to service are completed, you can find the most powerful locomotive on TVRM's roster on display at Grand Junction.

7467 - This sturdy locomotive was built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works of Philadelphia, PA. in 1943, and is powered by a six-cylinder DeLavergne diesel engine producing 1,000 horsepower. Designated as a VO-1000, the unit last saw service with the United States Air Force at the Arnold Air Research Facility in Tullahoma, Tennessee. The unit became surplus when replaced with a more modern hand-me-down from another Air Force rail operation, following which it was acquired by TVRM in 1982. The locomotive operated for a while at TVRM before issues with its aging Westinghouse main generator forced it to be removed from service. The locomotive is currently painted in the colors of the Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis Railway, and wears the number "36". The NCSL operated a fleet of similar locomotives, with the highest one being the number 35. Therefore when repainted, it was logical to number this one to "36", which would have been the next unit in the series had the NC purchased another unit.

710- The 710 is a GP-9 type diesel-electric locomotive built by the Electro-Motive Division in 1950 for the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis (NC&St.L) Railroad as a GP-7. In 1978, the locomotive was sold to Amtrak, and converted to a 1,750 horsepower GP-9. Today, TVRM has restored the locomotive to its original 1950s appearance and uses the locomotive on Missionary Ridge Local excursions, along with off property trips when needed.

5000- Built in 1972, this locomotive was the first of 257 2,000 horsepower GP38-2 locomotive purchased by the Southern Railway. The locomotive operated on the Southern and Norfolk Southern Railway until 2016 when sold at auction to TVRM, at which time it was restored to the same paint scheme it wore when new.


5044/5109 - These GP38-2 units were built in 1973 & 1974 by General Motors for the Southern Railway. They were both purchased at auction by TVRM in 2016 and 2017 respectively. 5109 is currently in freight service at the Enterprise South Industrial Park, while 5044 will operate on the Hiwassee River Railroad out of Etowah, TN.


109 - Built in September 1950 for the Central of Georgia Railway, this RS-3 was operated on many parts of the Central's system until sold in December 1967 when it was sold to the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad as their number 210. It was sold to that railroad (along with locomotive 108) in order for the Southern Railway to re-acquire locomotives 630 and 722 for excursion service. Today, this locomotive is stored at TVRM with no current plans for restoration.

913 - Built in 1950 by the American Locomotive Company as part of an order of ten RS-1 units for the Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Railroad (Bay Line). It was later sold to the Hartford and Slocomb Railroad, who donated it to TVRM in 1992 when that railroad was largely abandoned. The unit operated briefly at TVRM before mechanical issues forced its retirement. The unit today remains on display in TVRM's display yard.


80- Built for the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway in 1968, TAG 80 was the last and most engine railroad purchased by that railroad. The engine was named "The John A. Chambliss" in honor of the railroad's vice president, and dedicated on his 80th birthday. The 80 was later sold to the Southern Railway, and later became the property of Norfolk Southern, who sold it at auction to the Chambliss family in 2001, who then donated the locomotive to TVRM. The locomotive was restored mechanically, electrically and cosmetically between 2015 and 2016, returning to service in March 2017. It is a model GP38, developing 2,000 horsepower.

606- Built in 1954 by General Motors for the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad (The Milwaukee Road), this SW-1200 was used for switching on many parts of the Milwaukee's vast system. The locomotive is equipped with a 12 cylinder, 1,200 horsepower diesel engine, and was acquired by TVRM from the United States Navy in Crane, Indiana in late 2015.


200- Built in 1941 for the St. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) Railroad by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, this VO-1000 was the very first diesel ever acquired by that company. The 200 was later repowered with an EMD prime mover, and reclassified as a VO-1000RP, indicating it was a repowered unit. This diesel switching locomotive was acquired in 2015 from the U.S. Navy in Crane, Indiana.


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