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Missouri Pacific Railroad 873

Journey on Rails: The Unique Tale of the Missouri Pacific Railroad 873

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s collection features a distinctive car, the Missouri Pacific Railroad 873, also referred to as a Grill Car. Unlike the other cars in the collection, this one stands out due to its unique design and historical significance. It was constructed in 1948 by the American Car & Foundry, specifically for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Later, it was purchased by the Detroit & Mackinac Railroad to serve in their executive office train.

This Grill Car underwent a restoration process and was returned to service in 2009. To maintain aesthetic harmony, it has been painted to match coach 3101. The pair operate together on the Hiwassee River Railroad, which departs from Etowah, Tennessee.


Car: Missouri Pacific Railroad 873

Car Type: Coach

Operators: Missouri Pacific Railroad, Detroit & Mackinac Railroad, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: American Car & Foundry

Date Built: 1948

Number of Seats: 44

Paint Scheme: Blue

Lettered: Tennessee Valley

Status: Operational

  • Delano Trip
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Hiwassee Loop

May 3, 2024 - November 11, 2024 EDT

Embark on a remarkable 50-mile journey through the picturesque lower Hiwassee River gorge, culminating at the peak of the iconic Hiwassee Loop—a unique rail marvel found only in Farner, Tennessee, and just six locations across North America. Experience this 5-hour trip with no layovers, immersing in the history.

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Copperhill Special

May 5, 2024 - November 23, 2024 EDT

Embark on the Copperhill Train Ride, an extensive 94-mile round trip journey traversing the lower Hiwassee River Gorge and the unique Hiwassee Loop, culminating in the paired cities of Copperhill, Tennessee, and McCaysville, Georgia. Enjoy a self-paced lunch during a 90-minute layover, making your day-long adventure a memorable one.