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For questions regarding times and ride information, contact our office by phone or email. We have an extensive recorded phone message menu with answers to many of your questions (most of which are also answered here on the website). To order advanced tickets for the Chickamauga Turn or special excursions, please call the main office number and use Extension "0" (zero).

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Railroad Operations

For questions or comments concerning railroad operations, contact the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum at:

Hiwassee River Gorge

For information on the Hiwassee River Gorge, contact the Tennessee Overhill Association at:


For information on Etowah, contact the Etowah Chamber of Commerce at:

Copperhill Chamber of Commerce

For information on Copperhill, contact the Polk County-Copper Basin Chamber of Commerce:


Locomotive Restoration Updates

Reviving History: Locomotive Restorations at TVRM

Follow our dedicated team as they breathe new life into historic locomotives, ensuring their stories are preserved for future generations.

Upcoming Events at TVRM

TVRM Events: Seasonal Rides & Celebrations Ahead

Stay updated with our exciting calendar of events – from seasonal train rides to special celebrations, there’s always something happening at TVRM.

Railroad History and Heritage

Tracing Railroads: From Origins to Modern Impact

Dive into the rich history of the railroad industry and the essential role it played in shaping our nation, from early development to modern times.

Historic Preservation

TVRM: Reviving Railroad Legacy for Future Generations

Explore living history at TVRM: restored locomotives and railcars narrate the story of rail’s impact, keeping the past alive for future generations.

Featured Exhibits

Discover TVRM's Exhibits: A Journey Through Rail History

Explore the fascinating exhibits at TVRM, each one offering unique insights into different aspects of railway technology, history, and culture.

Behind-the-Scenes at TVRM

Inside TVRM: Unveiling Railroading's Hidden World

Explore railroading at TVRM with exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Discover updates, staff insights, and the preservation of railway history.