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Christmas Train Rides

in Tennessee and Georgia

Experience a Magical Holiday Train Ride

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum hosts special Christmas Train Ride events every year!

  • Our most popular annual event, North Pole Limited train rides, have been a family tradition since 1999. During the holiday season, trains take riders on an imaginary journey to the North Pole – a winter wonderland with outdoor light displays. Along the way, enjoy refreshments, storytelling, and meet Santa!
  • The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum offers a Christmas tea with a train ride after to view the holiday lights. The sights and sounds of the season are the perfect backdrop for this special event.
  • Enjoy the holiday lights by train! Join us for a little after Christmas cheer on board the “Holiday Lights Train.” This ride offers a rare after sundown ride featuring all our festive holiday lights. Be sure to grab a tasty, fresh baked snack from our Depot Deli to enjoy on your ride.
  • We also offer the Hiwassee Holiday Adventure! Come enjoy festive fun as Santa Trains operate along the beautiful Hiwassee River from Delano to Reliance. Riders will enjoy light refreshments, storytelling, and Christmas carols. During the return trip, Santa will board and walk through the train greeting children!
  • Christmas Dinner Train Trip – a four course dining experience onboard restored cars. The excursion train departs from Grand Junction Station, traveling at leisurely pace through urban East Chattanooga before reversing direction and returning to the terminal just in time to finish your meal!

Whether you’re new to the Tennessee Valley Railway Museum or a longtime enthusiast, there’s no better way to get into the holiday spirit than by hopping aboard one of our magical Christmas train rides!

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