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Louisville and Nashville 1236

The Louisville & Nashville 1236 is a distinguished caboose with a rich history and significant contributions to the railroad industry. Constructed in 1963, this bay window caboose was built by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (L&N) in their South Louisville Shops, showcasing the craftsmanship and industrial capabilities of the era.

Journey Through Time

The caboose served primarily with the Louisville and Nashville Railroad, playing a crucial role in their operations. It later transitioned to service on the Georgia Railroad, showcasing its versatility and reliability across different rail lines. After a period in private ownership, this historic piece was generously donated to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) in 2019.

The Bay Window Design

Featuring a bay window design, the L&N 1236 offers a unique architectural aspect compared to traditional cabooses. This design was instrumental in providing enhanced visibility for the crew, especially important for monitoring the train while in motion.

On Display at Grand Junction Display Yard

Today, the Louisville & Nashville 1236 caboose proudly sits on display at the Grand Junction Display Yard. This caboose not only represents a piece of railroad history but also serves as an educational tool, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate the evolution of railway equipment and the vital role cabooses played in train operations.

A Testament to Railroad Heritage

The L&N 1236 stands as a testament to the legacy of the Louisville and Nashville Railroad and the broader history of American railroads. Its presence at TVRM provides a tangible link to the past, inviting all to delve into the rich tapestry of railroad history and the enduring spirit of rail travel.


Rolling Stock: Louisville and Nashville 1236

Rolling Stock Type: Caboose

Operators: Louisville and Nashville Railroad, Georgia Railroad, Private Ownership, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: L&N’s South Louisville Shops

Date Built: 1963

Lettered: L&N

Status: Display

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