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Louisville and Nashville Railroad 2728/"Cross Keys Tavern"

This heavyweight dining car was built in 1930 by the American Car and Foundry. It was delivered to the Louisville and Nashville Railroad in October 1930. The car was used on famous L&N passenger trains, such as the “Pan-American” and the “Humming Bird.” On these passenger trains, passengers could enjoy famous L&N dishes, such as Old Hickory Smoked Country Ham with Red-Eyed Gravy and Grits, Seafood Platter, and Seafood Gumbo. The car originally had adjustable windows that could be opened, two toned green walls on the interior, and a Pullman Green exterior with gold letter and black roof. The car was modernized in 1937, having had the windows sealed and air conditioning installed. At that time, the interior walls were painted a warm grey. In 1946, the exterior was painted Boatswain Blue with a grey roof, and it was at this time the car was given the name, Cross Keys Tavern. The L&N donated the car to the Indiana Museum of Transport and Communication in 1969. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum acquired the 2728 from the Indiana Transportation Museum in 2018. Since arriving at TVRM, the car has been restored, sporting a bright coat of paint in Boatswain Blue.


Car: Louisville and Nashville Railroad 2728/”Cross Keys Tavern”

Car Type: Dining Car

Operators: Louisville and Nashville Railroad, Indiana Transportation Museum, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: American Car and Foundry

Date Built: 1930

Paint Scheme: Boatswain Blue

Lettered: Louisville and Nashville

Status: Operational