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St. Louis–San Francisco Railway (Frisco) 200

About St. Louis–San Francisco Railway (Frisco) 200

Built in 1941 for the St. Louis-San Francisco (Frisco) Railroad by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, this VO-1000 was the very first diesel locomotive ever acquired by that company. The 200 was later repowered with an EMD 567C prime mover, and reclassified as a VO-1000RP, indicating it is a repowered unit. This diesel switching locomotive was acquired in 2015 from the U.S. Navy in Crane, Indiana.


Locomotive: St. Louis–San Francisco Railway (Frisco) 200

Locomotive Type: Diesel-Electric

Operators: St. Louis-San Francisco Railway (Frisco), U.S. Navy, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Model: VO-1000RP

Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works

Date Built: 1941

Locomotive Weight: 240,000 lb

Prime Mover: EMD 567C

Fuel: Diesel

Horsepower: 1,200 hp

Status: Stored Out of Service