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Chesapeake & Ohio 1877 Dome Car

Experience the Elegance of the Restored C&O No. 1877 Dome Car

Embark on an evocative journey aboard the Chesapeake & Ohio No. 1877, a railcar steeped in history and restored to the height of mid-century luxury. Crafted in 1947 by the renowned Edward G. Budd Company, this dome-coach-lounge-observation car was part of an ambitious trio destined for the post-war “Chessie” streamliner, a dream unfulfilled due to its slated steam turbine locomotive’s design flaws and declining passenger interest.

Nevertheless, No. 1877 flourished through an eventful existence. Initially joining the Rio Grande’s impressive dome car fleet, it underwent transformations and ownership changes that echoed the rhythms of American railroading history. From its conversion to mid-train functionality to the adoption of the serene “Linoma” namesake, its narrative wove through varied roles, including a stint with Amtrak and as a distinctive attraction at the Chattanooga Choo Choo Hotel.

Now, in the hands of private guardianship, the No. 1877, recognizable by its unique forward-slanted windows and dual-glass design – a nod to the necessity of eastern route clearances – has been exquisitely rejuvenated by the artisans at TVMR’s Soule shop. Its round ends, once signature to C&O’s luxurious tail-end cars and later squared for practicality, contribute to its enduring allure.

As we herald the approach of next year, the C&O No. 1877 prepares to cruise along the North Georgia rails, offering an unparalleled first-class excursion. Guests are invited not merely to traverse, but to immerse themselves in the opulence of a bygone era, embraced by the car’s meticulously reconstructed blue interior and blue carpeting, beneath the authentic round observation dome.

In concert with its siblings, cars #1875 and #1876, which themselves bask in renewed glory—one available for charter and the other residing in a Floridian museum—No. 1877 awaits to enrich your travels with living history. This is an invitation to be cradled in comfort while the scenic grandeur of North Georgia unfolds around you, a modern sojourn draped in the nostalgic tapestry of the golden age of rail.

Anticipation mounts for the forthcoming reservation details. Prepare to secure your passage on a rail experience that transcends time, where the journey is as splendid as the destination itself. Join us in preserving and partaking in the legacy of the historic Silver Age rail-car, C&O No. 1877.


Car: Chesapeake & Ohio 1877/Linoma

Car Type: Dome/Coach/Observation

Operators: Chesapeake & Ohio, Rio Grande, Private Ownership, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Budd Company

Date Built: 1947

Paint Scheme: Stainless Steel

Lettered: Chesapeake & Ohio 1877

Status: Operational