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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Soule Shops

At the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s Soule Shop, the rich legacy of trains comes to life through the meticulous repair and rebuilding of old train equipment. Here, skilled craftsmen breathe new life into vintage locomotives and cars, ensuring they continue to operate on the rails. The Soule Shop serves as a living testament to the importance of railway history, not just preserving it behind glass but actively maintaining and restoring these majestic machines. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a casual observer, the workings of the Soule Shop offer an insightful glimpse into the complex world of railway mechanics and restoration. Visit TVRM and witness firsthand how history is being kept alive and running on the rails.

Holiday Magic Aboard the Dome Lounge-Observation Car

Holiday Magic Aboard the Dome Lounge-Observation Car This holiday season, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum offers a unique and festive experience: a nightcap with St. Nick aboard our newly rolled out Chesapeake and Ohio Dome Lounge-Observation car #1877. This one-hour train ride is not just a journey; it’s a celebration of holiday spirit and joy….

Breathing New Life into the F7A: Inside the Restoration of TVRM 576

Breathing New Life into the F7A: Inside the Restoration of TVRM 576 Last month, the workshops at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum buzzed with renewed energy as a brand new project chugged into its care – the recently acquired F7A, christened TVRM 576. This locomotive, a vestige of rail history and engineering prowess, has now embarked…

Steam Star #630 Joins the Evening Ridge Runner: An Exciting Update from Soule Shops

Big news from the crew at Soule Shops- steam star #630 will roll into service tonight on the Evening Ridge Runner! We are so excited to have this beautiful 119 year old steam engine running and she will be leading the way on the Missionary Ridge Local all weekend. Be sure to ask the station…

Rebirth of a Railway Icon: The Spectacular Refurbishment of the Grand Trunk Western Dining Car ‘Silver Lake’ at Soule Shops

Soule Shops Completes Major Refurbishment of Grand Trunk Western Dining Car The renowned Soule Shops has successfully completed another significant refurbishment, this time focusing on the Grand Trunk Western dining car, numbered 899 and named the “Silver Lake”. The recent photos showcase the impressive upgrades made to the car, including: A custom 3-compartment sink A…

Soule Shops Update: GP7 No. 1829’s Revival

Soule Shops Update: GP7 No. 1829 Back on Track! From the bustling grounds of Soule Shops, we bring you some behind-the-scenes news on one of our beloved locomotives, GP7 No. 1829. As with all vintage machinery, maintaining these historic trains is akin to nurturing a living piece of history. Recently, our diligent crew noticed an…

TVRM’s Preservation Efforts During the Pandemic

Progress During a Pandemic: Preserving Railroad History The allure of train travel from days gone by isn’t just about the locomotives and their crews. It’s also about the little details, the props that paint a vivid picture of a bygone era. From milk cans on station platforms to vintage vehicles, every piece tells a story….

Soule Shops: Reviving Rail History at TVRM

Behind the Scenes at Soule Shops: Where History Gets a Revival At the heart of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) lies the Soule Shops, a bustling hub where the magic of restoration happens. It’s here that we breathe life back into historic rail equipment, ensuring that the stories of the past continue to chug…