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Progress During a Pandemic: Preserving Railroad History

The allure of train travel from days gone by isn’t just about the locomotives and their crews. It’s also about the little details, the props that paint a vivid picture of a bygone era. From milk cans on station platforms to vintage vehicles, every piece tells a story.

One such iconic sight near stations was the Railway Express Agency truck, always ready to pick up parcels from the arriving train and distribute them throughout the community. TVRM recently acquired a 1941 Studebaker truck from a California collector. Delivered in February 2020, this vintage vehicle will undergo restoration and find a special spot for display.

TVRM isn’t just about preserving its own history; it’s about contributing to the broader railroad preservation community. For instance, our McCabe flanger has been instrumental in forming the rear flue sheet for NC&StL 576. The Central of Georgia combine 390 underwent significant bodywork due to years of window leakage causing corrosion. After extensive repairs, including new window installations, it’s almost as good as new. Inside Coach 832, new electric floor heating and flooring have been installed, enhancing the passenger experience.

Our commitment to preservation is evident in our meticulous attention to detail. Whether it’s restoring a gondola from Cape Charles, VA, or reproducing parts for a handbrake shaft, our team ensures every piece is perfect. The side dump car, after some tender loving care in the Soule Shops, showcased its unique tilting ability. And our “Boom Truck,” despite being over 35 years old, has been rejuvenated and is ready for many more years of service. Even Office Car 98 is getting a facelift, with replacement side sills after extensive engineering.

Through all the challenges, TVRM’s dedication to preserving and sharing railroad history remains unwavering.