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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 98/"Eden Isle"

Eden Isle – Car Number 98: A Luxurious Journey through Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s Glorious Past

The Pullman Company constructed car number 98, also known as “Eden Isle,” in 1917, specifically as a private car for the president of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad. This luxurious car was equipped with a kitchen, quarters for the crew, a dining room, three elegant staterooms, and a lounge. It was adorned with mahogany paneling, brass fixtures, interior windows of leaded glass, and an observation platform.

In 1955, the railroad modernized the 98 with enhancements that included sealed windows, an arch roof, climate control, and the latest interior modifications. After serving the railroad for many years, it was sold to the InterMountain Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society in 1962. Here, it was utilized on various excursions until 1966 when a rollover derailment led to its sale into private hands.

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum became the home of the 98 in 1977. It quickly gained favor among museum visitors, earning a reputation as the most opulent car in the TVRM’s collection. Following decades of service, it is currently undergoing restoration to bring it back to its former glory and working condition.

Once the restoration is complete, the 98 will be available for public charter on various TVRM excursions, just as it was in the past. With its first-class style that harkens back to a time long past, the 98 remains TVRM’s most luxurious car, providing passengers with a uniquely nostalgic ride.

Support the Restoration of Eden Isle – Car Number 98

The rich history and elegance of the Eden Isle – Car Number 98 is a testament to the golden era of rail travel. As we endeavor to restore this magnificent piece of history to its original splendor, we humbly seek your support. Every donation, no matter its size, will play a crucial role in reviving the car’s former glory, ensuring that future generations can experience its luxurious charm. Join us in preserving this iconic piece of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad’s legacy. Donate now and be a part of this noble journey.


Car: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad 98/”Eden Isle”

Car Type: Business/Private Car

Operators: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, InterMountain Chapter of the National Railway Historical Society, Private Ownership, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Pullman Company

Date Built: 1917

Paint Scheme: Colonial Red

Lettered: Tennessee Valley

Status: Under Restoration

From $95

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