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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Railway Express Agency

Step back in time and explore the vibrant history of the Railway Express Agency (REA) with our dedicated tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. A vital part of America’s railway system throughout much of the 20th century, REA was known for its rapid and reliable express delivery service, revolutionizing the shipping industry. Our Railway Express Agency tag offers an in-depth look into the operations, impact, and legacy of this once-thriving network, featuring original REA signage, uniforms, documents, and preserved rail cars.

The decline and eventual dissolution of REA tell a story of transformation in the transportation landscape, and our tag provides a comprehensive exploration of the rise, fall, and enduring memory of this remarkable entity. Whether you’re a historian, railfan, or just intrigued by the interplay of industry and culture, the Railway Express Agency tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is a rich and engaging resource that encapsulates an era that changed the face of transportation in America. Join us to delve into this fascinating chapter, and stay connected to this tag for news, articles, photos, and events centered around REA.

A Step Back in Time: TVRM’s 1941 Studebaker Tells the Tale of Express Delivery Evolution

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) is known for its impressive collection of historic locomotives and passenger cars, but the richness of our collection extends beyond these classic examples of rail transport. Among our diverse assortment of railroad artifacts, the 1941 Railway Express Agency Studebaker delivery truck holds a unique place. Fresh out of the…

TVRM’s Preservation Efforts During the Pandemic

Progress During a Pandemic: Preserving Railroad History The allure of train travel from days gone by isn’t just about the locomotives and their crews. It’s also about the little details, the props that paint a vivid picture of a bygone era. From milk cans on station platforms to vintage vehicles, every piece tells a story….