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Discover the History at TVRM - Tickets for All Ages Available Now!

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) is known for its impressive collection of historic locomotives and passenger cars, but the richness of our collection extends beyond these classic examples of rail transport. Among our diverse assortment of railroad artifacts, the 1941 Railway Express Agency Studebaker delivery truck holds a unique place.

Fresh out of the TVRM restoration shop, this piece-in-progress is now proudly displayed in our exhibit building. This distinctive vehicle will help narrate the compelling tale of the Railway Express Agency, a pioneer of quick and overnight transport by railroad.

Before the rise of modern express delivery services, colorful vehicles like our 1941 Studebaker were instrumental in providing swift and reliable transport. Once the cargo was transported via railroad, these trucks were tasked with the final leg of the journey, ensuring the delivery reached its final destination.

The Railway Express Agency Studebaker is not just an attractive exhibit piece; it symbolizes a crucial development in the history of transport. Its existence reminds us of the roots of today’s express and quick delivery services, and how far we’ve come.

During your next visit to TVRM, make sure you stop by our exhibit building to take a closer look at this unique railroad artifact. Embarking on this excursion adventure will offer you a fascinating insight into the evolution of transportation history.

Tickets for your adventure are available now: Book Here. Prices are $24 per ticket for ages 13 and up, and $15 per ticket for ages 2 – 12.

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Immerse yourself in history with us and explore the fascinating roots of modern delivery at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum!