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Soule Shops Update: GP7 No. 1829 Back on Track!

From the bustling grounds of Soule Shops, we bring you some behind-the-scenes news on one of our beloved locomotives, GP7 No. 1829. As with all vintage machinery, maintaining these historic trains is akin to nurturing a living piece of history. Recently, our diligent crew noticed an issue that required immediate attention: a radiator core had sprung a leak. Given the critical role it plays in cooling the engine, swift action was imperative to ensure the safety and functionality of No. 1829.

The task, though intricate, was approached with the precision and expertise that the team at Soule Shops is renowned for. Days were spent meticulously removing the damaged core and integrating a brand-new replacement. The fruit of this hard work? GP7 No. 1829 is back, roaring to life and ready to serve as part of our regular operating pool. Our commitment to preserving the legacy of railroading means every repair and restoration is undertaken with immense care and reverence. So, the next time you see the No. 1829 powering one of our trains, know that it carries with it the dedication and craftsmanship of many hands that work tirelessly behind the scenes.