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Remembering Jim Wrinn: A Pillar of the Railroad Community

Yesterday marked a somber day for the railroad community as we said our goodbyes to Jim Wrinn, a beacon of support, talent, and friendship. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) deeply feels this loss. Jim wasn’t just an editor, writer, or photographer; he was an advocate and a beloved friend.

Over the years, Jim generously shared his immense talents with all of us. It was a privilege to have known him, and his unwavering support for railroad preservation sets an example for us all.

As Jim eloquently stated in his final post, “…I have left my earthly body behind. My soul, my mind, my spirit continue forever.” At TVRM, his presence will be felt each time a whistle sounds, a testament to his lasting legacy.

  1. In 2011, Jim experienced the thrill of a cab ride aboard TVRM’s Southern Railway 1904 steam locomotive number 630.
  2. In tribute to Jim, our locomotives proudly display the traditional black classification flags throughout the weekend. Locomotive 4501, which powered one of Jim’s earliest excursions, stands as a poignant reminder of his passion.
  3. A memorable moment was captured when Jim and TVRM President Tim Andrews convened at the 2019 RPCA meeting in Cincinnati, OH.
  4. A recent snapshot from fall 2021 showcases Everett Railroad President and TVRM’s long-standing member and now Vice President, Alan Maples, during a visit to the Everett Railroad.