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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Jim Wrinn

Welcome to the Jim Wrinn section of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, a dedicated space celebrating the remarkable contributions of Jim Wrinn to the world of railroading. As a prominent figure in railway history, Jim Wrinn’s work has significantly influenced the preservation and understanding of railroad heritage. This section highlights the latest developments and events that honor his legacy, underlining the museum’s commitment to historical significance and preservation. Our exhibits and stories, infused with in-depth knowledge and a passion for railroading, offer an educational and engaging experience. We aim to connect our audience, from seasoned railway historians to new enthusiasts, with the impactful journey of Jim Wrinn. His dedication to the field serves as an inspiration, and through this section, we strive to build a bridge between past achievements and current explorations in the world of railroads.

In Memory of Jim Wrinn: TVRM Remembers

Remembering Jim Wrinn: A Pillar of the Railroad Community Yesterday marked a somber day for the railroad community as we said our goodbyes to Jim Wrinn, a beacon of support, talent, and friendship. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) deeply feels this loss. Jim wasn’t just an editor, writer, or photographer; he was an advocate…