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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Military History

The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum offers a captivating lens into military history through the evolution of railroads. This tag delves deep into tales of wartime logistics, the transformation of rail infrastructure, and the integral role trains played in the strategies and outcomes of conflicts. Explore an intersection of railroading and military endeavors that has shaped the narrative of nations.

Honoring Captain Larry Taylor with Locomotive 1829

Today, Locomotive 1829 paying tribute to a true American hero, Captain Larry Taylor. At 81 years of age, Captain Taylor, a distinguished Medal of Honor recipient from the Vietnam War, is being honored posthumously in a ceremony steeped in respect and gratitude. Captain Taylor’s specific contributions during the Vietnam War. His acts of valor, including…

Honor Veterans at TVRM This Weekend

Honor Veterans at TVRM This Weekend This weekend, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is proud to pay tribute to the valiant service men and women who have served our country. In a heartfelt salute to our veterans, we’re not just reminiscing about the past; we’re actively continuing a longstanding tradition where railroads play a crucial…

TVRM’s 1980s Throwback: 45 Years of Locomotives 630 & 610!

A Nostalgic Ride Back to 1980 at TVRM: Celebrating 45 Years of 630 & USA 610! As dawn breaks tomorrow, visitors to the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) will find themselves on a remarkable journey back in time. While every day at TVRM offers a peek into railroad history, tomorrow promises an especially nostalgic trip….

Founder’s Day Train Extravaganza: A Day of Vintage Rides & Memories 🚂🎉

Saturday, September 9: Founder’s Day is here Founder’s Day is here – with as many train options as possible – running a double schedule of the Missionary Ridge Local alternating 4501 and 630, special double headed 5pm Missionary Ridge Local, Evening Ridge Runner featuring live music and beverage upgrade, nighttime photo shoot and The Homefront…

Founder’s Day – September 9, 2023

Come out and join us as we celebrate 62+ years of railroad preservation! Special Events throughout the day: Special Photo Exhibit in the lobby of Grand Junction Depot: “Steam in the Valley, TVRM’s Early Years” by John Coniglio On the grounds “history interpretation” will represent Military encampment and demonstrations. Also on display – a few…

Restoring the GP7 Diesel: A Gritty Undertaking!

Restoring the GP7 Diesel: A Gritty Undertaking! In the bustling heart of our shop, an old warrior awaited attention. The GP7 diesel number 1829, constructed in 1951, had seen better days. Its sand lines, crucial components for ensuring grip and stability, were in dire need of replacement. Over an intensive two-day period, Zach and Travis…

Soule Shops Update: GP7 No. 1829’s Revival

Soule Shops Update: GP7 No. 1829 Back on Track! From the bustling grounds of Soule Shops, we bring you some behind-the-scenes news on one of our beloved locomotives, GP7 No. 1829. As with all vintage machinery, maintaining these historic trains is akin to nurturing a living piece of history. Recently, our diligent crew noticed an…

Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Celebrates 60 Years of Preserving Railroad History

October 8, 2021 Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Celebrates 60 Years of Preserving Railroad History Chattanooga, TN — The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) has been preserving railroad history since 1961, and this month, it is kicking off a year-long celebration that will highlight the museum’s 60-year heritage with two weekends of special events and displays….

Autumn Train Rides at TVRM: Experience the Magic!

Rainy Day Rail Adventures: A Dive into TVRM’s Autumn Rides Rainy days have a certain charm – the rhythm of droplets against the window, the overcast skies, and the cool breeze. But what could make such days even more enchanting? The answer is simple: a nostalgic train ride through the picturesque landscapes of North Georgia….

100 Years of Valor: Veterans Day Event

Celebrate Veterans with a Historic Train Trip Join us as we commemorate a century of valor and sacrifice on the 100th anniversary of Veterans Day. This landmark event is not just a nod to history, but a vibrant, living tribute to the brave men and women who have donned the uniform in service to our…