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Autumn Train Rides at TVRM: Experience the Magic!

Rainy Day Rail Adventures: A Dive into TVRM’s Autumn Rides

Rainy days have a certain charm – the rhythm of droplets against the window, the overcast skies, and the cool breeze. But what could make such days even more enchanting? The answer is simple: a nostalgic train ride through the picturesque landscapes of North Georgia. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum offers you just that and so much more this fall!

One of the highlights of the season is the Autumn Leaf Special. This day-long excursion takes you on a journey back in time, letting you immerse yourself in the fall foliage as the train meanders through the North Georgia countryside, heading all the way to Summerville, GA. The spectacle becomes doubly delightful on Sundays. Why, you ask? The Autumn Leaf Special on this day boasts not one, but both of our beloved steam queens: #4501 and #630. This rare treat gives passengers the unparalleled experience of riding behind a double-steam-header. And the good news? You can book your seat online right here!

For those seeking festive vibes, don’t miss out on the Halloween Eerie Express. Tailored as a family-centric event, this ride promises gentle thrills with a fun house that’s specially designed for families with young children. Halloween excitement is just a click away, reserve your tickets here.

The fan-favorite Missionary Ridge Local continues its operations throughout the weekend. The journey on Saturday showcases the majesty of steam engine #630, while on Sunday, the vintage diesel 1829 proudly leads the way, offering a different kind of old-world charm.

For those who are in awe of natural beauty interspersed with incredible engineering, a trip to Etowah, TN is a must. Here, you have the choice between the Copperhill Special or the Hiwassee Loop. Both rides promise mesmerizing views of the fall foliage, coupled with a passage through the engineering wonder known as the Bald Mountain Loop. As the train chugs along, the Hiwassee River Gorge unfurls its scenic vistas, making every moment aboard truly magical.

In a world rushing by, take a pause. Listen to the chug of the engines, the whistles in the distance, and embark on a journey of nostalgia, beauty, and pure joy. We await your presence, eager to share stories, views, and memories. So, this autumn, come ride with us at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum.