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Restoring the GP7 Diesel: A Gritty Undertaking!

In the bustling heart of our shop, an old warrior awaited attention. The GP7 diesel number 1829, constructed in 1951, had seen better days. Its sand lines, crucial components for ensuring grip and stability, were in dire need of replacement.

Over an intensive two-day period, Zach and Travis delved deep into the mechanisms of this vintage locomotive. Five sand lines that connected to the trucks were replaced, along with one vital line that originated from the sand box situated inside the long hood of the locomotive, running to the left side rear intermediate sander.

Though the process posed its challenges and moments of frustration, our team was steadfast. Sometimes, the solution wasn’t immediately apparent, leading to moments of consternation. But, as with all intricate restorations, patience and perseverance were the keys. Zach and Travis, despite the hurdles, embraced a mantra: “Never give up, never give in, and whatever you do, don’t reach for the owner’s manual!” Their commitment and skill have once again proven that when it comes to preserving railway history, no challenge is too great!