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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Behind the Scenes

Step behind the scenes at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum with our exclusive blog posts. Experience the untold stories, intricate details, and fascinating operations that keep the museum alive. From in-depth looks at the maintenance of historic locomotives to the organization of special events, each entry offers a unique perspective on the day-to-day happenings at one of the most beloved railroad museums. Discover the passion and dedication that fuels our mission to preserve railroad history.

Eric Church’s ‘Creepin” Video: A Vintage Tale

Eric Church’s ‘Creepin” Video: A Vintage Tale On occasion we are a go-to for mainly country music artists to shoot a music video using our old equipment. Eric Church shot his music video, “Creepin’”, using just locomotive 630 and the right of way. The entire time the video was being made, the music was being…

Restoring the GP7 Diesel: A Gritty Undertaking!

Restoring the GP7 Diesel: A Gritty Undertaking! In the bustling heart of our shop, an old warrior awaited attention. The GP7 diesel number 1829, constructed in 1951, had seen better days. Its sand lines, crucial components for ensuring grip and stability, were in dire need of replacement. Over an intensive two-day period, Zach and Travis…

Meet the Team Behind North Pole Limited’s Magic!

Meet the Magic Makers Behind the North Pole Limited! Every enchanted journey has its group of unsung heroes, and the North Pole Limited is no exception! Today, we offer a glimpse behind the curtains, shedding light on the hardworking TVRM team members who breathe life into this festive experience. This snapshot captures the essence of…