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Kentucky & Tennessee Railway 10

About Kentucky & Tennessee Railway 10

Built in May of 1920 by the Baldwin Locomotive Works, this locomotive originally operated on the Kentucky & Tennessee Railway, a shortline constructed to serve the Stearns Coal and Lumber Company in Stearns, Kentucky.

The K&T once boasted over 25 miles of track and 12 steam locomotives. The K&T 10 is a 2-8-2, also known as a Mikado. The locomotive was retired in 1964, and later purchased by TVRM in 1965.

After arriving in Chattanooga, the locomotive was relettered and numbered to Southern Railway 6910. The 6910 was utilized on an autumn excursion from Chattanooga to Cleveland, TN in October 1965.

However, due to its very poor operating condition, the second round trip that day would be its last. The locomotive last operated under steam in the early to mid-1970’s. The K&T 10 is currently stored out of service. With plans to eventually cosmetically restore this engine, TVRM will soon make it a much more visible part of the collection in the Grand Junction Display Yard.


Locomotive: Kentucky & Tennessee Railway 10

Locomotive Type: Steam

Operators: Kentucky & Tennessee Railway, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Class: None

Builder: Baldwin Locomotive Works

Builders Number: 53182

Date Built: 1920

Date Retired: 1964 (Revenue Service), 1965 (1st Excursion Service)

Date Rebuilt: None

Wheel Arrangement: 2-8-2 Mikado

Driver Diameter: 55 in

Locomotive Weight: 264,000 lb

Fuel: Coal

Boiler Pressure: 190

Cylinder Size: 24 in x 30 in

Tractive Effort: 50,700 lbf

Valve Gear: Walschaerts

Paint Scheme: Black

Status: Stored Out of Service