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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Baldwin Locomotive Works

Embark on a journey through the illustrious history of the Baldwin Locomotive Works at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Our News and Update blog sheds light on the legacy, engineering marvels, and contributions of this iconic locomotive manufacturer that powered America’s railroads for decades.

Throwback Thursday – Unique Steam Locomotive Restoration at TVRM

Throwback Thursday: A Unique Restoration at Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum In the world of steam locomotive restoration, there are tasks that are routine and then there are those that are truly exceptional. Today, for our Throwback Thursday feature, we’re diving deep into a remarkable restoration journey that isn’t undertaken every day: the complete renewal of…

The Epic Tale of Southern Railway 4501

Riding the Rails of History: The Epic Tale of Southern Railway 4501 The Southern Railway Mikado 4752, notable for its Worthington feedwater heater on the smokebox, shares a significant design feature with its celebrated counterpart, the Southern Railway 4501. This piece delves into the storied past of the 4501, a locomotive that has become a…