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Tennessee Valley Authority F3060

Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 model ("Baby" Trainmaster)

Preserving History: The Journey of Tennessee Valley Authority’s F3060 Locomotive

Introducing the Tennessee Valley Authority’s F3060, a Fairbanks-Morse H-16-66 model, often referred to as the “Baby” Trainmaster. Manufactured in 1958, this 1600 horsepower locomotive is a smaller version of the H-24-66 Trainmaster, the most potent single-unit locomotive during its era. This locomotive represents one of the few surviving relics from Fairbanks-Morse, a brief presence in the locomotive supply market.

The F3060 was dispatched to TVA’s Gallatin generating plant near Gallatin, TN, where it was dedicated to transporting coal for four miles from the CSX interchange to the plant. This workhorse was retired in 1997 when the mode of coal transportation transitioned from rail to barge. Today, it is among only nine preserved Fairbanks-Morse locomotives.

Post World War II, Fairbanks-Morse ventured into the diesel locomotive sector, intending to leverage its distinctive opposed piston engine, widely utilized in submarines and other naval vessels. Despite producing more horsepower per cylinder than contemporary diesel engines, this design’s susceptibility to the rough railroad environment and high maintenance requirements led to its eventual downfall.

TVA 3060 is one of the final locomotives delivered by Fairbanks-Morse before its exit from the locomotive market in 1963, having produced fewer than 1500 units. The Gallatin plant provided an ideal location for the locomotive’s operation for nearly four decades. Its simple operation, dedicated maintenance teams, and a short, flat route ensured the F3060’s longevity. With Fairbanks-Morse still supporting their engines, it’s easy to envision the locomotive operating even today.

In 2019, TVA approached TVRM regarding the possible donation and preservation of the locomotive. By 2021, F3060 made its way to TVRM by truck and is now a cherished exhibit at Grand Junction.


Locomotive: Tennessee Valley Authority F3060

Locomotive Type: Diesel-Electric

Operators: Tennessee Valley Authority, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Model: H-16-66

Builder: Fairbanks-Morse

Date Built: 1958

Locomotive Weight: 286,000 lb

Prime Mover: FM 38D-8 1/8

Fuel: Diesel

Horsepower: 1,600 hp

Status: Display