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Norfolk and Western 1488/"Emory and Henry College"

1949’s ‘Emory and Henry College’ Thrives as Commuter Car at TVRM

Constructed in 1949 by the Budd Company for Norfolk and Western Railway, the 1488, also recognized as the “Emory and Henry College,” was originally a lightweight, S1 class sleeper car. Its initial configuration consisted of 10 single-passenger roomettes and 6 double bedrooms, designed to accommodate two passengers each. Despite no longer functioning as a sleeper car, the 1488 was repurposed as a commuter car. Over the course of its operational history, it served on the Pennsylvania Railroad, Maryland Area Regional Commuter (MARC), and Mid America Railcar. In 2020, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) acquired the 1488, and it has remained in operation since that time.


Car: Norfolk and Western 1488/”Emory and Henry College”

Car Type: Coach

Operators: Norfolk and Western Railway, Pennsylvania Railroad, Maryland Area Regional Commuter, Mid America Railcar, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Budd Company

Date Built: 1949

Number of Seats: 88

Paint Scheme: Orange and Brown

Lettered: Orlando & Northwestern

Status: Operational