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Southern Railway 2594

Introducing Southern Railway 2594: A Unique Locomotive

Constructed in 1962 by General Motors Corporation’s Electro-Motive Division, the 2594 is a distinct GP-30 locomotive with a production of 2,250 horsepower. Unlike other GP30s, it features a high short hood, differing from the factory default low short hood design. This customization was exclusive to the Southern Railway and Norfolk and Western Railway, making the 2594 a unique specimen among its peers. Once used in conjunction with other diesel-electric engines to transport extensive freight trains across the nation, it was later donated to the Southeastern Railway Museum in 1993. Today, the 2594 is not just a piece of history but an active part of the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s excursions. It still sports its original and iconic Southern Railway paint scheme, preserving the essence of its past.


Locomotive: Southern Railway 2594

Locomotive Type: Diesel-Electric

Operators: Southern Railway, Norfolk Southern Railway, Southeastern Railway Museum, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Model: GP30

Builder: General Motors Electro-Motive Division

Date Built: 1962

Locomotive Weight: 245,000 lb

Prime Mover: EMD 567D3

Fuel: Diesel

Horsepower: 2,250 hp

Status: Operational