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Wilson Car Lines 2719

Wilson Car Lines 2719: A Refrigerated Icon of Mid-Century American Transport Innovation

Embodying a significant era in American transport history, Wilson Car Lines 2719, often referred to as a ‘reefer,’ is a classic example of a refrigerator car, meticulously crafted in 1957. Wilson Car Lines, an influential name in the cold storage transport sector, initiated operations in the early 20th century, enabling the movement of perishable goods across the breadth of the United States.

From coast to coast, the sight of Wilson reefers journeying along national railway networks became a familiar vision. They were integral cogs in the extensive network of packing plants that WCLX had established throughout the nation.

Uniquely characteristic of its time, Wilson Car Lines maintained its own fleet of refrigerated cars, demonstrating operational acumen. Car 2719 is a tangible reminder of this history, symbolizing the era of refrigeration innovation and transport evolution that profoundly influenced the American perishable goods sector in the mid-20th century.

From ferrying farm-fresh produce to urban markets, or channeling meat from the heartland to the coastal regions, Wilson reefers like 2719 were trusted symbols of dependability and efficiency. They played a critical role in preserving the freshness and quality of the commodities they carried, altering the ways Americans procured and consumed their food.

Today, this refrigerated car stands as an enduring tribute to the resourcefulness and industrious spirit of its epoch, its service and history still resonating in the annals of American transport innovation.


Rolling Stock: Wilson Car Lines 2719

Rolling Stock Type: Reefer

Operators: Wilson Car Lines, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Date Built: 1957

Lettered: Wilson Car Lines

Status: Display