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Algonquin Park

This car was manufactured by the Budd Company in 1954 for the Canadian Pacific.  This series of Dome-Observation were named after a Canadian national or provincial park.  The Algonquin Park was named after the Algonquin Indian tribe. These cars would feature three bedrooms, a lounge area, the observation area, and the upper dome area. Both the dome and observation area allow for spectacular views of the passing scenery.  It was used on the transcontinental train, “The Canadian,” which operated over Kicking Horse Pass and Rogers Pass.  It was transferred to Via Rail in 1978.  It was later sold into private ownership, and is currently leased to TVRM.


Car: Canadian Pacific 15401/Algonquin Park

Car Type: Dome/Observation

Operators: Canadian Pacific, Via Rail, Private Ownership, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Budd Company

Date Built: 1954

Paint Scheme: Stainless Steel

Lettered: None

Status: Operational