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Norfolk and Western 1486

"Randolph-Macon College"

The 1486, also named “Randolph-Macon College,” was originally built in 1949 by the Budd Company for the Norfolk and Western Railway as a S1 class, lightweight, 10-6 sleeping car. As a 10-6 sleeper, it had 10 roomettes (single passenger rooms) and 6 double-bedrooms (two passenger rooms). No longer a sleeping car, it was eventually converted to a commuter car. It also saw service with the Pennsylvania Railroad and the Maryland Area Regional Commuter. TVRM acquired the car from the Western Maryland Scenic Railway in 2019.

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Car: Norfolk and Western 1486/”Randolph-Macon College”

Car Type: Coach

Operators: Norfolk and Western Railway, Pennsylvania Railroad, Maryland Area Regional Commuter, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Budd Company

Date Built: 1949

Number of Seats: 88

Paint Scheme: Tuscan Red

Lettered: Norfolk and Western

Status: Operational