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Louisville and Nashville Railroad 3103

This 60 seat lightweight coach was built in 1946 by American Car & Foundry for the Louisville and Nashville Railroad. It was use on their premier train, The Hummingbird, which ran between Cincinnati, OH and New Orleans, LA. The coach was later owned by the Friends of the 261 and based in the Twin Cities area, and then sold to the Hardin Southern Railroad in Kentucky. The car was purchased by TVRM in 2006, and soon thereafter restored to its as-delivered L&N appearance. Today, the car is in service on the Hiwassee River Railroad, and carries markings honoring the memory of longtime Hiwassee River Railroad car host and L&N Track Foreman, Parnick William (P.W.) Jones.


Car: Louisville and Nashville Railroad 3103

Car Type: Coach

Operators: Louisville and Nashville Railroad, Friends of the 261, Hardin Southern Railroad, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: American Car and Foundry

Date Built: 1946

Number of Seats: 60

Paint Scheme: Blue

Lettered: Louisville and Nashville

Status: Operational