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Central of Georgia Railway 661

The Legacy of Central of Georgia Railway 661: A Coach with a Tale

The Central of Georgia Railway 661 is a remarkable 56-seat lightweight coach, masterfully crafted by the American Car & Foundry in 1947. Commissioned for the Central of Georgia Railroad, this coach was the second in a series designed for the “Nancy Hanks II” – a passenger service connecting Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. It proudly journeyed alongside its siblings, coaches 390, 662, and 907, all of which are preserved in the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) collection. After years of dedicated service under both the Central of Georgia Railroad and its successor, the Southern Railway, the 661 found its final home at TVRM.


Car: Central of Georgia Railway 661

Car Type: Coach

Operators: Central of Georgia Railway, Southern Railway, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: American Car & Foundry

Date Built: 1947

Number of Seats: 56

Paint Scheme: Colonial Red

Lettered: Tennessee Valley

Status: Operational