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Southern Railway 1000

Southern Railway 1000: Step Back in Time with a 1920s Restored Pullman Experience

Delve into history aboard the Southern Railway 1000, a heavyweight coach brought to life in 1925 by the renowned Pullman Company. Originally bearing the mark 1653, this vintage gem boasted 72 walkover seats, a clerestory roof, and the allure of open windows. A comprehensive 1940 revamp at the Southern Railway’s Hayne Shops, however, modernized its features – introducing air conditioning, transitioning to 46 standard coach seats, adding expansive washroom lounges, and incorporating a porter’s baggage space. This makeover also saw the coach embrace an arched roof, sealing the windows, and subsequently being rechristened as the 1000. Acquired by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum in 1968, the coach underwent a meticulous restoration, bringing back its operable windows and sidelining the modern air conditioning. Now, passengers are charmed by its breezy rides and authentic 1920s ambiance, harmonized with the rhythmic melodies of locomotives and rolling wheels.


Car: Southern Railway 1000

Car Type: Coach

Operators: Southern Railway, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum

Builder: Pullman Company

Date Built: 1925

Number of Seats: 46

Paint Scheme: Colonial Red

Lettered: Tennessee Valley

Status: Operational