Grand Junction Station

Grand Junction StationGrand Junction Station is our premiere station and the location of our main display yard. Here you can buy tickets for our Missionary Ridge Local and Chickamauga Turn trips, eat lunch in our deli (or outside at our numerous picnic tables) and board Dixie Land Excursion Specials such as the Autumn Leaf Special or the North Pole Limited. Downstairs along with the deli you’ll find our gift shop, authentic waiting lounge, and ticket office. Just outside the station is our boarding track where you’ll board our trains.

Grand Junction Station was completed in 1983 as a near-copy of the station in Tuscumbia, Alabama, although TVRM’s version includes a restaurant, gift shop, audio-visual theater, and modern restrooms, (not to mention air conditioning).

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East Chattanooga Depot

East Chattanoga Depot is located at 2202 N. Chamberlain Ave. This is where we perform routine maintenance along with restoration of our historic locomotives and equipment. Our turntable and Back Shop is located here and are shown to the public in guided tours as part of the Missionary Ridge Local trips. The tracks here are not static display tracks but part of our working railroad. You’ll never know what equipment is inside (or parked outside) the Back Shop as pieces are moved in and out for repairs, painting, or a complete restoration rebuild.

To add just the right touch of historical significance, arch braces from the depot in Athens, Tennessee, save just as the building was being demolished, were installed during construction of the East Chattanooga depot (completed in 1980). A major expansion commenced in the early 1980’s which saw construction of a proper restoration shop in East Chattanooga along with an 80-foot turntable previously used by the Central of Georgia Railway in Cedartown, Georgia.

Please note that the East Chattanooga Depot is not staffed.

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