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Mapping TVRM's Future: Aboard the Hiwassee Train

TVRM Staff Forge Ahead: Strategic Planning on the Hiwassee Train

Even when the tracks are quiet, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) team is hard at work, preparing for the bustling seasons ahead. On a recent rainy day, a crucial planning session took place, not in a conventional office, but aboard the picturesque Hiwassee train, a location that underscores the unique nature of their work.

Aboard the Hiwassee: A Unique Setting for Strategic Discussions

The meeting brought together key TVRM staff members – Olivia Hovey, Josh Monroe, Jodie Brantley, Ryan Miller, and Tim Andrews. They gathered in one of the train’s dome cars, an inspiring setting that provided a panoramic view of the rain-soaked landscape. This environment was not only a reminder of the importance of their work but also a source of inspiration as they mapped out the future.

Charting the Course for the Next Two Years

The focus of the discussion was two-fold: assessing equipment needs and developing operating plans for the upcoming two years. The task is complex, involving logistical coordination, forecasting visitor trends, and ensuring that the museum continues to offer exceptional experiences to its visitors.

The Importance of Off-Peak Planning

This meeting highlights a crucial aspect of TVRM’s operations – the work that goes on behind the scenes, even during slower periods. It’s a testament to the dedication of the staff, who utilize these quieter months to strategize and plan, ensuring that TVRM remains a dynamic and engaging attraction throughout the year.

Looking Ahead: TVRM’s Commitment to Excellence

As TVRM looks forward to another year of operation, these planning sessions are integral to its success. The staff’s commitment to meticulous planning and strategic foresight is a cornerstone of the museum’s continued growth and popularity.


  • What is TVRM’s main goal in its strategic planning?
    • TVRM aims to balance historical preservation with modern operational needs, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.
  • How does TVRM involve the community in its plans?
    • TVRM engages the community through outreach programs, educational initiatives, and events that foster a deeper connection.
  • What are some upcoming events at TVRM?
  • How does TVRM ensure the safety of its operations?
    • TVRM prioritizes safety by adhering to industry standards, regularly reviewing protocols, and training staff effectively.
  • How does TVRM plan to use technology in its future operations?
    • TVRM intends to integrate modern technology for maintenance, ticketing, and enhancing visitor experiences.
  • What is the significance of the Hiwassee train meeting?
    • The meeting symbolizes TVRM’s commitment to blending tradition with forward-thinking strategies.
  • How can the public support TVRM’s future initiatives?
    • The public can support TVRM through visits, donations, volunteerism, and participating in community programs.

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