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Celebrating the Final Train Arrival at Summerville Depot:

A Festive Farewell to the 2024 Trains & Tracks Expo

Today marks a significant and nostalgic moment for train enthusiasts and community members alike as we gather at the Summerville Depot to witness the final train arrival of 2024. This event also coincides with the closing day of the much-celebrated Trains & Tracks Expo. Open from 11 AM to 3 PM, this day is set to be a memorable culmination of a fantastic year in railroading history.

Last Train Arrival

At approximately 1 PM, attendees will have the unique opportunity to see the last steam engine of the year roll into the station. This arrival is not just a routine event; it is a spectacle that embodies the rich history and ongoing allure of steam railroading.

Special Features

  • Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) Talk: A special highlight includes a talk by representatives from the TVRM at the Summerville Turntable. This discussion will occur during the turning of the steam engine, offering insights into the mechanics and history of these magnificent machines.
  • 20th Anniversary of the Summerville Turntable: In celebration of this milestone, the event will feature free commemorative wooden nickels, a unique keepsake for all attendees.
  • Food and Craft Vendors: A variety of local food and craft vendors will be present, offering delicious treats and unique artisanal crafts.
  • Live Music: Nashville songwriter and artist Jaycee Lynne will be gracing the event with her musical talents, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Join us for these events and make lasting memories this fall in Summerville!