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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Train Arrival

Step into the world of locomotive history with our Train Arrival tag at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum News and Update blog. This tag offers a dynamic look at the various historic trains as they arrive and become part of our museum’s ever-growing collection. Each post provides insights into the background, restoration process, and the unique features of these remarkable engines. Ideal for railway enthusiasts and history buffs, this tag not only celebrates the arrival of each train but also honors the rich legacy and continued relevance of rail transport in American history.

Final 2023 Train Arrival & Expo at Summerville Depot

Celebrating the Final Train Arrival at Summerville Depot: A Festive Farewell to the 2024 Trains & Tracks Expo Today marks a significant and nostalgic moment for train enthusiasts and community members alike as we gather at the Summerville Depot to witness the final train arrival of 2024. This event also coincides with the closing day…

The Sequoyah Quilt Show at Summerville Depot: A Day of Art and Trains

Sequoyah Quilt Show & Train Day at Summerville Depot The Sequoyah Quilt Show continues its vibrant display at the Summerville Depot today, offering a unique blend of local artistry and railroading heritage. Open until 4 PM, this event promises to be a delightful experience for quilt enthusiasts, train lovers, and families looking for a day…

Summeville Steam Special: Chattanooga to Summerville

Iconic Summerville Steam Special is back! On a balmy September Saturday in Summerville, the town’s signature Cook-Off brought together chili specialists with an array of autumn flavors. As residents served up their chili and stews, the town morphed into a festive fall haven. Amidst the vibrant atmosphere, the awaited highlight was the grand arrival of…