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Summerville Steam Special: Final Autumn Ride Tickets on Sale!

As the crispness of fall settles over the Tennessee Valley, the Summerville Steam Special prepares to bid adieu to the 2023 season. This final weekend is not just a train ride; it’s a celebration of autumn’s canvas, a vibrant farewell painted in nature’s most exquisite colors. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum invites you to be a part of this seasonal spectacle on Sunday, November 5 – a date that promises to etch itself in your memory with the fiery reds, golden yellows, and rich oranges of fall.

A Journey Through Autumn’s Heart

The Summerville Steam Special is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a passage through time, draped in the enchanting hues of fall. As you traverse the historic route from Chattanooga to Summerville, the train winds its way through the timeless landscapes of rural Georgia, affording passengers a front-row seat to the grandeur of autumn.

The Grand Finale of Steam

This final ride marks the closing chapter of this year’s season of steam. It’s your last opportunity to hear the chug of the steam engine and feel the rhythm of the tracks beneath, all while ensconced in the heartwarming ambiance of fall. Don’t miss your chance to experience this blend of natural beauty and engineering marvel one last time before the year’s end.

A Vintage Touch with the Missionary Ridge Local

Adding to the weekend’s charm, the Missionary Ridge Local will be featuring one of the museum’s cherished vintage diesels. This is an opportunity for enthusiasts and families alike to indulge in the nostalgia of yesteryear, a chance to ride alongside history and create new memories.

Ticket Information and Booking

Don’t let this final spectacle slip away. Tickets for Sunday, November 5, are available but expected to sell quickly. Secure your spot on this memorable journey and close out the season with a flourish.

Book your tickets online now at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s website and be part of the grand finale that will leave you with stories and smiles for a lifetime.

Come Ride with Us!

The Summerville Steam Special awaits to take you on a journey not just across the countryside but into the heart of what makes the autumn season in Tennessee truly special. So grab your jackets, bring your cameras, and join us for a ride that promises to be as warm and inviting as the fall colors themselves.

As the steam fades into the crisp fall air and the whistle echoes one final time across the valleys, we invite you to be part of this special goodbye. Come ride with us, and let’s give the Summerville Steam Special the send-off it deserves.