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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Family Fun

Embark on a journey of family fun and adventure with our special tag, featuring the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum as a highlight destination. From the chugging steam engines to historic train rides, the museum offers an immersive experience that fascinates both children and adults. Alongside the museum, explore a wide array of activities perfect for all ages, including outdoor explorations, interactive games, educational pursuits, and more. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum provides a unique blend of history and excitement, fostering family bonding and nurturing young imaginations. Dive into this world of joy and shared moments, where the echoes of the past meet the laughter of today, making every family outing in the Tennessee Valley region unforgettable!

North Pole Limited: Christmas Elves at Tennessee Railroad

North Pole Limited: A Festive Christmas Experience at Tennessee Valley Railroad As winter draws near, the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum invites you to embark on a magical journey aboard the North Pole Limited. Since 1999, this beloved annual event has become a cherished family tradition, captivating hearts during the holiday season. A Festive Adventure to…

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November 20, 2023

X252 Caboose: Summerville’s Holiday Star

Cherish the Season: X252 Caboose Arrives for Summerville’s Festive Display The holiday spirit chugs along to Summerville this year with a very special guest: the historic X252 caboose, formerly of the Savannah and Atlanta railway, is rolling into town for a seasonal showcase. This vibrant piece of railroading history will be joining the festive fray…

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November 6, 2023

Summerville Steam Special: Final Autumn Ride Tickets on Sale!

Summerville Steam Special: Final Autumn Ride Tickets on Sale! As the crispness of fall settles over the Tennessee Valley, the Summerville Steam Special prepares to bid adieu to the 2023 season. This final weekend is not just a train ride; it’s a celebration of autumn’s canvas, a vibrant farewell painted in nature’s most exquisite colors….

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November 4, 2023

Ride East Tennessee’s Autumn Rails

Chasing Autumn Aboard East Tennessee’s Iconic Trains Autumn is a magical time in East Tennessee. As the leaves begin to turn vibrant shades of red, orange, and yellow, the region becomes a picturesque landscape, inviting visitors and locals alike to indulge in the wonders of the season. And what better way to immerse oneself in…

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October 15, 2023

All Aboard the Halloween Eerie Express: October’s Spooktacular Kickoff!

Chugging into Halloween: The Eerie Express Experience! October has always been synonymous with the vibrant hues of fall and the spine-tingling excitement of Halloween. At the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, we’ve taken the festivities up a notch with the launch of our Halloween Eerie Express! Our inaugural weekend was nothing short of magical, with guests…

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October 9, 2023

Fall Events in Summerville

Fall into Fun: Summerville’s Season of Festivity Stepping off the train around 1 p.m., the crisp autumn air of Summerville greeted us with the promise of seasonal joys. The vibrant foliage painted a welcoming backdrop to a town bustling with the spirit of fall festivities. Having just arrived, we were eager to partake in the…

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September 22, 2023

Halloween Eerie Express: Ultimate Family Fun

All Aboard the Halloween Eerie Express: An Enchanting Fall Experience 🎃🚂 October, with its golden hues and crisp air, welcomes all to celebrate the spookiest time of the year. And what better way to do so than by hopping on the Halloween Eerie Express! A Trip Through Vintage Charms 🚂 Imagine starting your evening aboard…

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September 21, 2023

Holiday Christmas Lights Train Tickets on Sale Now!

Holiday Christmas Lights Train The Holiday Lights Train Ride is a festive way to enjoy the holiday season after Christmas. The train ride takes you through a variety of light displays, from twinkling snowflakes to towering Christmas trees. Be sure to add on the “dessert box” to sweeten your ride. The Holiday Lights Train Ride…

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August 6, 2023

All Aboard the Eerie Express: A Vintage Train Ride and Halloween Fun for the Family!

Fall is in the air, and the time has come for families to come together and experience something exciting and unique. The Eerie Express offers just that—a vintage train ride that whisks you through four bridges and the historical Missionary Ridge Tunnel, culminating in a festive Halloween experience that is enjoyable for both young and…

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June 29, 2023

Illuminate Your Holidays with Our Festive Lights Train Ride

Illuminate Your Holidays with Our Festive Lights Train Ride The holiday season may be winding down, but the festive spirit continues to glow brightly in Chattanooga! We are thrilled to announce our much-anticipated After Christmas Holiday Lights Trains. This is your invitation to unwind amidst the twinkling lights that celebrate the season’s joy. A Journey…

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December 10, 2022