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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Local Crafts

Explore the vibrant world of local crafts featured at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Our blog showcases the unique talents of local artisans, highlighting their handcrafted goods that resonate with the spirit of railroading. Dive into stories of craftsmanship, from intricate model trains to handmade railway memorabilia. These posts celebrate the community’s creativity, showcasing how local crafts enrich our museum experience, connect us with the region’s cultural heritage, and offer visitors a piece of railroad history to take home.

Final 2023 Train Arrival & Expo at Summerville Depot

Celebrating the Final Train Arrival at Summerville Depot: A Festive Farewell to the 2024 Trains & Tracks Expo Today marks a significant and nostalgic moment for train enthusiasts and community members alike as we gather at the Summerville Depot to witness the final train arrival of 2024. This event also coincides with the closing day…