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Chasing Autumn: Tennessee to Summerville by Steam Train

Getting Fired Up for a Trip to Summerville, Georgia!

There’s something magical about combining history, nature, and the spirit of adventure. This year, as autumn paints Tennessee with its golden hues, I’m gearing up for a thrilling journey to Summerville, Georgia. And what’s the occasion? The 4501 is celebrating 112 illustrious years this October. This isn’t just a trip; it’s a journey back in time.

All Aboard the 4501!

For those unaware, the 4501 is an iconic locomotive housed at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Revered for its historical significance and grandeur, the 4501 has been a symbol of Tennessee’s rich railroad heritage. This October, as it marks its 112th anniversary, I couldn’t resist the urge to hop on and relive the golden age of steam locomotion.

Autumn in Tennessee

One of the best times to visit Tennessee is during the autumn months. The landscape transforms, wrapping itself in a blanket of amber, russet, and gold. The crisp air, scented with falling leaves and woodsmoke, beckons travelers to explore the heart of the Tennessee Valley. And what better way to explore than aboard a historic train?

The Summerville Steam Special

Our journey, dubbed the ‘Summerville Steam’, promises a blend of nostalgia, scenic beauty, and the raw power of the 4501. It’s a voyage that takes us through tunnels, over bridges, and past breathtaking Tennessee landscapes. The final destination? The quaint town of Summerville, Georgia. With its charming streets and warm Southern hospitality, Summerville is the perfect pit stop before heading back, making the trip truly memorable.

As I pack my bags, the excitement is palpable. Here’s to new adventures, to the sound of steam whistles, and to the beauty of a Tennessee Autumn. Join me, won’t you?