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Tennessee Valley Railroad News


Venture into the essence of Georgia at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. This tag focuses on the state’s profound influence on rail history, showcasing locomotives, exhibits, and stories that have Georgia roots. Delve into a journey that highlights the Peach State’s pivotal role in shaping the railroad legacy of the South.

112 Years of 4501: An Autumn Adventure to Summerville, GA!

Getting Fired Up for a Trip to Summerville, Georgia! There’s something magical about combining history, nature, and the spirit of adventure. This year, as autumn paints Tennessee with its golden hues, I’m gearing up for a thrilling journey to Summerville, Georgia. And what’s the occasion? The 4501 is celebrating 112 illustrious years this October. This…

Fall Journey to Summerville Aboard the 4501

All Aboard for Autumn: Journey to Summerville with 4501 The rustling of leaves, the crispness in the air, and the golden hues painting the landscape – fall is undeniably magical. And what better way to immerse oneself in this enchantment than aboard a train, chugging along scenic routes and offering panoramic views of nature’s autumnal…

Meet Harvey Blassingame: A Living Legend of the Rails and a True Hero

Railroads are woven into the fabric of America’s history, and they have been shaped by countless individuals dedicated to their craft. Among those, a figure stands out in the world of railroading: Mr. Harvey Blassingame, a retired CSX conductor and our very own “Living Legend.” A Lifetime on the Rails Harvey’s love affair with the…