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Railroads are woven into the fabric of America’s history, and they have been shaped by countless individuals dedicated to their craft. Among those, a figure stands out in the world of railroading: Mr. Harvey Blassingame, a retired CSX conductor and our very own “Living Legend.”

A Lifetime on the Rails

Harvey’s love affair with the rails started in 1966 with the Louisville & Nashville Railroad. Hailing from Ramhurst, Georgia, he worked on two lines operated by the L&N, affectionately known as the “New Line” and the “Old Line.”

The “New Line” ran between Etowah, Tennessee, and Atlanta, Georgia, passing through picturesque landscapes like Eton, Chatsworth, Ranger, Fairmount, and Cartersville. The “Old Line” took Harvey between Etowah and Marietta, Georgia, via Delano, Farner & Copperhill, Tennessee, and Blue Ridge, Ball Ground, Tate & Holly Springs, Georgia.

Harvey’s Heroic Feat

In the July 1969 issue of L&N Magazine, a clipping narrates an incident that forever etched Harvey’s name into the annals of railroading heroism. While working on the Old Line near Ball Ground, Georgia, he spotted an intoxicated individual lying on the tracks. Without hesitation, Harvey ran ahead of his train and pulled the person to safety, thereby saving a life and becoming a bona fide hero.

The Living Legend Continues to Inspire

Though retired, Harvey’s passion for railroading continues to thrive. He still works his old territory on the Old Line, volunteering on nearly every trip with the Hiwassee River Rail Adventure out of Delano.

Guests who embark on the Hiwassee Train are invited to spend a day with Harvey, soaking up his wisdom, stories, and a generous dose of history. Harvey’s love for working with passenger trains is infectious, and he takes immense pride in showing off his G-scale trains on the loop of track he built around the ceiling of car 873.

Come Ride with Harvey

Harvey’s story is a living testament to the dedication, courage, and love for the craft that defines the very essence of railroading. We encourage everyone to make plans to come ride the Hiwassee Train and get to know Harvey, our very own “Living Legend.”

Experience firsthand the enchanting routes he once commanded, hear his tales, and learn from a man who’s seen the evolution of railroading in America. In Harvey’s presence, the past comes to life, and you’ll walk away with memories and insights that will linger long after the journey’s end.

Join us for a ride filled with history, heroism, and the warm camaraderie of a true railroad legend. Book your tickets and make a connection with a piece of living history. See you on board! 🚂💨