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Autumn Train Rides: Experience East Tennessee's Magic

Autumn Train Adventures in East Tennessee

Autumn in East Tennessee is nothing short of magical. The landscape is painted with a mesmerizing palette of fall colors, and the crisp cool temperatures add to the charm. This weekend, there’s an added reason to venture outdoors and soak in the enchanting views: two captivating train rides that promise an unforgettable experience.

The Missionary Ridge Local in Chattanooga: This bite-sized journey into history is perfect for those looking for a short yet memorable trip. As you settle into the cozy train, you’ll traverse multiple bridges, journey through a tunnel built before the Civil War, and even get a sneak peek into our restoration shop where history comes back to life. The beauty of autumn will be your constant companion throughout the ride, making it a visual treat. Book your seat for this enchanting ride.

The Hiwassee Loop Ride in Delano: If you’re itching for a longer adventure, the Hiwassee Loop ride awaits you. A little up the road from Chattanooga, this ride offers awe-inspiring views of the lower Hiwassee River Gorge. As the train winds its way, you’ll be treated to some of the best scenic views East Tennessee has to offer. Secure your spot for this breathtaking journey.

Don’t let this weekend slip away. Embrace the magic of fall from the unique perspective of a warm train, cruising through the heart of East Tennessee.