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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Autumn in Tennessee

Experience the splendor of “Autumn in Tennessee” at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum, where the crisp air and changing leaves provide the perfect backdrop for scenic rail journeys. This tag captures the essence of fall, featuring seasonal excursions that weave through the stunning landscapes of Tennessee, special events that celebrate the harvest season, and stories that highlight the unique beauty and cultural heritage of the region during this magical time of year. Join us as we explore the sights, sounds, and traditions of autumn on the rails.

112 Years of 4501: An Autumn Adventure to Summerville, GA!

Getting Fired Up for a Trip to Summerville, Georgia! There’s something magical about combining history, nature, and the spirit of adventure. This year, as autumn paints Tennessee with its golden hues, I’m gearing up for a thrilling journey to Summerville, Georgia. And what’s the occasion? The 4501 is celebrating 112 illustrious years this October. This…