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All Aboard the Halloween Eerie Express: October’s Finale on Rails!

October has always been synonymous with pumpkin patches, chilly breezes, and the onset of festivities. But, for train enthusiasts and families alike, it means one thing – the much-anticipated Halloween Eerie Express! As the final weekend of October arrives, so do the last days of this iconic ride.

Last Call for the Eerie Express

Yes, you read it right! It’s the last weekend to experience the Halloween Eerie Express. And guess what? Tickets are still up for grabs! A treat awaits all passengers in the form of a vintage ride aboard the Diesel 710. This vintage locomotive will be gracing both the Missionary Ridge Local and the Halloween Eerie Express all weekend.

The Weekend Extravaganza

For those looking for a lengthier rail adventure, two special rides are featured. On Saturday, the Summerville Steam Special offers an enchanting experience with the spotlight on the steam star #4501 🌟. If you’re more inclined towards diesel wonders, Sunday is your day! Experience the Chickamauga Turn showcasing the remarkable diesel TAG 80.

As the golden leaves 🍂🍁 flutter in the autumn breeze, there’s no better time than now to hop aboard and make memories with your loved ones. After all, it’s not just about riding a train; it’s about cherishing moments that last a lifetime.

Tickets are selling out fast, so hurry and book yours here!