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Historic Office Cars and Locomotives: Restoration and Inspection Updates

Restoration work is an ongoing commitment at our railroad museum. We’re excited to share updates on two of our historic office cars: Southern Railway No. 21 and Baltimore & Ohio No. 98. The dedication to preserving these pieces of rail history is evident in the meticulous work being done.

Recently, window installation commenced on the Southern Railway No. 21, marking a significant step in its restoration journey. On the other hand, Baltimore & Ohio No. 98 has been undergoing intensive roof repairs, which began a few weeks ago. These restorations ensure that the cars retain their historic charm while meeting modern safety standards.

In our “short term” repair section, two locomotives recently underwent their quarterly (92-day) inspections. The ex. US Army GP7L No. 1829 and TA&G GP38 No. 80 were the subjects of these inspections. The 1829’s inspection went smoothly, and it was cleared for service on May 17th. Rail enthusiasts can look forward to seeing this locomotive on our Missionary Ridge Local route, especially when steam locomotives are not operating.

The TAG 80, apart from its routine 92-day inspection, is undergoing specific truck work. This primarily involves the replacement of the pedestal liners. These liners, positioned between the truck frame and bearing boxes, are the “expendable part” of the truck assembly. Over time, they wear down and need replacement. We’re optimistic about TAG 80’s return to service soon, where it will resume its role in pulling our highly sought-after dinner trains.

Support Our Restoration Efforts

Our mission to preserve and restore historic rail cars and locomotives is fueled by passion and dedication. However, these restoration projects come with significant costs. We humbly ask for your support in our endeavors. Every donation, big or small, goes directly into ensuring these pieces of history are preserved for future generations. Donate now and be a part of this noble cause.

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