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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Baltimore & Ohio No. 98

Discover the latest updates and fascinating historical insights on the Baltimore & Ohio No. 98, a classic locomotive housed at the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum. Join us as we explore its rich heritage, recent restorations, and the unique experiences it offers to railroad enthusiasts and history buffs alike. Stay tuned for special events, behind-the-scenes looks, and exclusive stories from the tracks of the beloved B&O No. 98.

Exciting Progress at TVRM: Historic Trains Ready for 2024!

More Work Continues at TVRM: Historic Trains Poised for a Spectacular 2024 The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum (TVRM) is buzzing with activity as we usher in 2024 with several exciting projects. From the ongoing restoration of the esteemed Office Car 98 to the meticulous maintenance of our beloved steam engines, TVRM is committed to preserving…

The Transformation of Office Car No. 98

Reviving History: The Transformation of Office Car No. 98 In the realm of historic preservation, the restoration of railway vehicles holds a special place, blending engineering prowess with a deep respect for our past. A prime example of this is the ongoing restoration of our 1917 office car No. 98. This week marked a significant…

The Importance of Preserving Rail History

Historic Office Cars and Locomotives: Restoration and Inspection Updates Restoration work is an ongoing commitment at our railroad museum. We’re excited to share updates on two of our historic office cars: Southern Railway No. 21 and Baltimore & Ohio No. 98. The dedication to preserving these pieces of rail history is evident in the meticulous…