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Tennessee Valley Railroad News

Southern Railway No. 21

Explore the unique story of Southern Railway No. 21, an elegant office car, through the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum’s informative blog posts. Delve into the rich history of this distinctive railcar, from its origins and use by railway executives to its transformation and preservation. Our articles highlight No. 21’s luxurious features, its role in the business operations of the Southern Railway, and its significance as a symbol of the golden era of rail travel. Join us in appreciating the charm and historical importance of this beautifully restored office car.

The Importance of Preserving Rail History

Historic Office Cars and Locomotives: Restoration and Inspection Updates Restoration work is an ongoing commitment at our railroad museum. We’re excited to share updates on two of our historic office cars: Southern Railway No. 21 and Baltimore & Ohio No. 98. The dedication to preserving these pieces of rail history is evident in the meticulous…