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The North Pole Limited: A Twinkling Wonderland.

Twinkling Lights & Magical Nights at the North Pole Limited

Our dedicated elves have been hard at work throughout the year to ensure that the North Pole Limited is more magical and sparkly than ever before! Delight in the luminous beauty of our station, where the dark canvas of the night is painted with thousands of twinkling fairy lights. Book your tickets for this captivating experience online.

For the grown-ups among us, needing a brief reprieve from the holiday rush, why not embark on the “Nightcaps with St. Nick” journey? As you sip on delectable beverages, listen to St. Nick as he regales tales of yesteryears and the history behind our cherished holiday traditions. Secure your spot for this unique adventure here.

Our station at Santa Village, North Pole, is an embodiment of the holiday spirit. With a radiant Santa Claus and a glittering snowflake welcoming every visitor, you’re in for an experience that captures the heart and essence of Christmas. The ‘NORTH POLE’ sign, hanging with pride, assures you’ve arrived at the epicenter of festive celebrations. And the soft shimmering lights reflected on the ground only add to the enchantment of this winter haven.

Step into a world where magic is real, and the spirit of the season is alive in every corner. We await your visit!