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Experience the Nostalgia and Adventure of Chattanooga’s Historic Train Rides!

Another great weekend to escape the heat and relax onboard a train ride! Chattanooga offers a variety of options to ride into history this weekend – from short journeys just over an hour to full day-long adventures.

The Missionary Ridge Local

Step back in time with the Missionary Ridge Local, featuring the vintage diesel NC&StL 710 built in 1950. This ride offers a nostalgic experience, taking you through historic sites and providing a glimpse into the past.

The Chickamauga Turn

For a longer ride, grab a spot on the Chickamauga Turn for a trip into North Georgia to the quaint town of Chickamauga. Enjoy:

  • Lunch at locally owned restaurants
  • Shopping at boutiques and antique stores
  • A tour through the Gordon Lee Mansion (additional ticket cost)

Evening Ridge Runner

For a shorter evening adventure, join us on the Evening Ridge Runner train. This ride offers a relaxing journey on the rails, providing the classic Chattanooga experience with beautiful sunset views.

The Copperhill Special

Up the road from Delano, Tennessee, catch a ride on the stunning Copperhill Special for a relaxing day-long experience with views of the Great Smoky Mountains as you travel along the lower Hiwassee River Gorge.

The Hiwassee Loop

The Hiwassee Loop is about four and a half hours and includes travel along the lower Hiwassee River Gorge and traversing the Great Bald Mountain Loop.


  1. What is the duration of the train rides?
    • The rides vary in length from just over an hour to full-day adventures. The Hiwassee Loop, for example, is about four and a half hours.
  2. Are there dining options available during the rides?
    • Yes, some rides, like the Chickamauga Turn, offer opportunities to dine at locally owned restaurants in the towns they visit.
  3. Can I learn more about the historical aspects of these train rides?
    • Absolutely! The Missionary Ridge Local, featuring the vintage NC&StL 710, provides a historical journey. You can also visit the Gordon Lee Mansion for an additional historical tour.


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Come ride with us!