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Smoke & Cinders (2020) – 2020, Certainly Not The Year We Planned

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2020, Certainly Not The Year We Planned

To our members, annual pass holders, supporters and friends – It’s hard to write a newsletter that spans from the end of the fourth quarter of 2019 (by most
measurements a good year) through four quarters of 2020 that doesn’t make the Coronavirus Pandemic the central story line. Yet, even while dealing with the unprecedented situation, TVRM has continued to make progress on many fronts and there is a very positive story to tell.

2019 closed with the second-best visitation in TVRM’s history at 132,011, only 565 visitors behind the best year of 2018. Revenue from operations at $8,887,032 would be at record levels. Why wouldn’t we have expected 2020 to be even better? TVRM has since been navigating the difficult waters and preparing itself for the “new normal,” whatever that may be.

WEB-S&C 2020 Year in Review

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